That 8 miles last week was awful

Well, we did it, four laps of the two mile circuit including bounding up the ‘Steps of Triumph’ – a small set of concrete steps up to the local shops (to the chippy, which we have to run past, in fact!, which always feel like a much bigger climb than they really are). However, it was horrid. I was tired, and hadn’t had much of the right food to eat. I was also really wound up about being in my new job. I felt like a sack of potatoes trying to ballet dance when running along.

8 miles in 90 minutes, including stretching at the end of each lap, wasn’t too bad though. Not as slow as it felt. And we had a really fast last half mile when we met a bunch of lads who called us joggers – that was a definite incentive to speed up! Shame that both Mark and I were far too knackered to retaliate that we’d done 7.5miles by that point, hardly just a quick lap of the estate.

Tomorrow we go for ten. Five attempts at the Steps of Triumph.

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