Slow cooker, slow runner

Just back from this evening’s running shenanigans. I discovered that the hat I received as a Christmas present is far too efficiently warm (great for long walks, though, so still a brilliant present Mum!) but that the new socks prevent blisters.

We did four laps of the two-mile circuit, taking 1.28 – including a Paula Pitstop back at Mark’s house. (My watch isn’t good enough to have been able to pause the timer). So I reckon that we did fairly steady just-over 10min miles which I am pleased with.

It was great to come back home to a big pot of bolognese sauce that has been cooking in my new slow cooker all day. Granted, the 13hours was a bit longer than normal but it was still very yummy and really showed the difference between instant food and that which has a chance to have a decent amalgamate…

I may have to think a bit differently when I shop for food – from ‘what can I have ready in less than ten minutes?‘ to ‘things that can happily simmer all day‘ but I am looking forward to cooking up some very interesting things to come home to.

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